***Please allow a couple of days from receipt of your order shipping notification for your tracking number to "be found" on these linked sites:  

If your item is shipped from our China Warehouse you can see this by analysing the first couple of alphanumeric characters of your tracking number. 

Our usual carriers from the Far East are:

SUNYOU  - tracking number begins with SY

China Post and China Post EMS - LO, LA and LL

Singapore Post

Malaysia Post

Flyt - tracking number begins with F


BuyLogic - tracking number begins with BL

You can track your item here:


Tracking numbers starting with LO, LA, LL: They originate from our China Warehouse and are en route via China Post and then the Royal Mail. You can track your item here:

https://m.17track.net/en  ..  after which will be able to continue tracking via the Royal Mail here:


Tracking numbers starting with SY :They originate from our China Warehouse. Select SUNYOU as your courier.  Hermes takes over once your item arrives in the UK. 

Where your item is shipped by Royal Mail from within the UK, the tracking number is formatted with two alphanumeric characters followed by 9 digits and then GB.


Where your item is shipped by Hermes from within the UK, the tracking number is a 16 digit barcode and can be tracked here:


Any questions Message Us! We are happy to help!